Life in Arlee

I came to Montana in 2009 to photograph the Arlee Pow Wow for a photography workshop through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and I fell in love - I fell in love with the area and the people. I found myself back in Montana, attending the Photography School, in 2010 but this time never left . I have lived in Arlee for the last 4 years and quickly found that not only do I love to photograph and capture the Western Lifestyle of the ranchers and cowboys, but I loved being a part of it and learning about this lifestyle, as I began living it myself. Knowing that this is one of many lifestyles in Arlee, I am hoping to get the opportunity to learn about and photograph the many other cultures here and in the surrounding communities. From the day I moved here, Arlee has opened it's arms to me and made me feel at home, so I would love to give back by sharing with you the beauty that I see in the landscape and the people!

- Rox