Oh to be a bird!

A view we do not normally get to see. Looking down on majestic pines and roaming the Jocko River from the skies.

The Magic of Clouds

Fog dancing along the edge of the mountains, wonderful sunsets and the ever changing clouds. The magic that is Arlee Montana.

A Summer Evening in Arlee Montana

RT and Stephanie Hendrickson have had the Arlee Rodeo on July 4th for years. They also have small rodeos at their homestead just south of Arlee.

The Land of the Big Sky

The magic of clouds over the Rocky Mountains. No two days are ever the same. Our live webcam captures some of the magic. But the drone offers us a totally different view.

Winter in Arlee

The swing is empty and the valley is quiet. Winter is a quiet restful time in Arlee Montana

Summer in the Arlee

From sun up to sundown life is busy in Arlee Montana in the summer. Checking on cattle, getting the hay in before the storms those peaceful fields are busy places.